Quarterly Scientific Journal of Rescue and Relief- Call for Papers
Call for Papers

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Applied Science Higher Education Institute
Call for articles submission to the Journal

Accredited by the Commission for Accreditation & Improvement of Iranian Medical Journals (CAIMJ)
All interested professors, researchers, and experts are invited to submit the articles both in Persian and English languages to the journal office at www.jorar.ir
The Journal Topics
  • Rescue & relief in disaster;
  • Crisis management in disaster;
  • Health and rehabilitation in disasters;
  • Nutrition in disasters;
  • Epidemics in crisis;
  • Health services in accidents and disasters;
  • Psychological support in disasters;
  • Trauma, triage, etc;.
  • International Humanitarian Law;
  • New training methods in disaster management;
  • Environmental accidents and their consequences;
  • Natural geography and vulnerability of areas and population in disasters and crisis;
  • Rescue & Relief in chemical, microbial, nuclear, radioactive accidents;
  • Foresight and futures research in crisis management;
  • Resilience to natural disasters;
  • Health management in mass gatherings, conflicts and climate change.
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